Introduction to Punjab

Punjab, a bordering state of India in the north-western region, like all other states of India, is unique in itself. The land of gurus, a brave history, and loving and open hearted people is glittering like a diamond in the necklace called India. Guru Nanak Dev ji, Bhagat Singh, Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Shaheed Udham Singh, Jaliawala bagh, Golden Temple don't need any description or introduction.

Punjab was the last to give up and come under the control of Britishers. The land gave birth to warriors, and saints whenever needed. People laid their lives time to time for the sake of humanity and society. She had to bear the bloodshed and partition the most on her heart.

Agriculture is the main occupation of Punjab. Industrial development is picking up though. The granary of India was named Punjab by joining "punj" means five and "aab" means water. Before partition Punjab had rich water resourse by five rivers out of which, two remained in Pakistan after partition. The fertile land irrigated by these rivers is capable of producing variety of crops. Wheat and rice are two mainly cultivated crops of Punjab.

The land of various seasons and festivals makes sure that her children are hard working, generous, helping natured, fun loving, and delightful. Punjabis are known for their generosity and warm hearted ness.In everything above said, food plays an important role. Punjabis are fond of heavy diet. They feed the world and enjoy the food too. Makke di Roti, Sarso da Saag, Lassi, milk, ghee, butter, Paranthe etc. make Punjabis go crazy.


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